Teen Albino Girl, Viciously Attacked For Limbs

Throughout human history we have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. We have landed on the moon, discovered water on Mars, and have even created artificial limbs. I mention the artificial limbs not only because it is a feat for mankind, but it is also the only way some albino African teen can walk.

A 16 year old girl, with albinism was drugged while sleeping and viciously attacked all because of some notion that people with albinism, or at least their limbs, bring wealth and good luck. This is a very common belief in some East-African countries, as witchdoctors profess the limbs can bring great wealth and good fortune.

The danger in professing something so radical, is now a poor girl, who spent 10 months in the hospital, lost a part of her just because some ignorantly believe what the witchdoctors are saying. It is ignorance as well, I don’t mean to justify the attackers, but understanding both sides is important too.

I think this speaks more volumes on the education system of some African countries. If people were taught from a young age to think and really question some traditions, maybe this little girl would still have her leg and two fingers. I can’t blame someone for believing in something that has been passed down for generations, all I can say is to not believe everything you hear or read and really question for yourself what you think is just right and wrong.

How can the witchdoctors profess such a ludicrous idea and how can people believe such a thing? The same question can be asked for Christians and priests. Their teachings may not be as extreme, but some of what the church says should also not be considered canon law.

At the end of the day, no one can question what anyone believes, because if they truly believe it, then who has the right to wag their finger and put them down. What I don’t agree with at all, is harming someone or something else just for personal gain, that should just be a law of mankind. So even though we have accomplished so much in basically no time at all, we still need to make leaps and bounds when it comes to something so simple and something that should be innate in all of us: treating someone equally and with respect.

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