Teen Couple Accused of Planning the Murder of Her Mother and Father In Order for the Teens to be Together.

A 15 year old boy and a 13 year old girl were accused in Ocala, Florida in a plot to kill the girls parents. The boy and girl are being held without bond after they were accused of trying to kill the girls parents so that the both of them could be together. According to the deputies, the girls had lured her mother Luz Galvez into their Ocala garage on Northwest 55th place and then the boy Pedro Solis slit her moms throat on early Sunday.

Pedro Solis had spoken to her mother before slitting her throat and said that she should let her daughter go out with him and that Luz (her mom) should not have hit him with a stick the last time that she had seen him. The Marion county judge ordered the boy and girl to remain secured in detention until their next court appearance in a few days. The two teens had also put a knife to the father’s throat, but the father convinced Solis to please take his wife to the hospital. Solis took Galvez (the girls mother) to the hospital after she told Solis that he could be with her daughter and that she would not sue him.

Galvez was left at a curb of the Monroe Regional Medical Center by Solis and then from there she was rushed to the Ocala Regional Medical Center. Galvez had surgery and is now recovering. The teens had been planning to murder the girls parents for a few weeks through Facebook messages. The two teens are being charged with two counts of attempted secon0degree murder and second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Now the girls father is being taken care of by the Department of Children and families who was badly, beaten and is wheel chair bound.

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