Teen’s charged as adults after Mob Attack in Detroit!!

After a car accident Wedneday evening a 54 year old man, Steven Utash, was attacked by a group of a dozen or so people. Utash was driving through the Eastside of Detroit in his truck when he struck a young 10 year old boy that was crossing the street. Detroit police Sgt. Michael Woody said that Utash was brutally beaten as he was trying to help the young boy lying on the middle of the street by a group of young teens ages 16, and 17 as well as two adult men ages 24 and 30. In addition, there is yet to discover what the reason was behind this attack, and it makes one wonder if this mob attack is just in response to the accident in a form to get this poor man back for hitting this ten year old that was crossing the street.

The prosecutors office stated that the ten year old who was struck by Utash was taken to the local hospital for a leg injury and is now recovering at home. But Utash is currently hospitalized in critical conditions a in a medically induces Coma as a result of the attack. Utash daughter, Felicia Utash said, “Its hard to see him lying in bed, not knowing who were are, or what is going on.” This Monday evening Detroit police arrested two teen male suspects, 17 year old Bruce Wimbush that has been charged with intent to murder as an adult, and prosecutors are still deciding if they should also charge the 16 year old as an adult in connection to the attack. Also, a 24 and 30 year old suspect was arrested thats names were not released.

Detroit Mayor, Mike Duggan and City Council President Brenda Jones issued a statement Friday in response to the outrage over the incident stating, “This vigilant style attack is not the essense of who were as Detroiters and will not be tolerated.” In conclusion i think that this is just a little representation of how the crime in Detroit is not getting any better just because it is not being talked about and that there has to be some type of act of justice as a way to help eliminate gangs in Detroit. In an order to make Detroit a safer place to live people as a whole need to come together in Detroit and come up with a plan to help this generation understand that beating people is not a form to protect their love ones because at the end of the day i believe this act of violence main motive was to hurt and kill this innocent man.

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