Ten Ways to Know if He’s Into You

Here goes a little inspirational help if you are trying to figure out if your guy crush is equally as interested in you as you are in him. Hopefully these 10 hints will let you know all there is to know. HINT ONE: If he always wants to sit next to you when you are with a group of friends. It’s not a coincidence, either he’s drawn to always being next to you because he loves being around you or he wants people to get used to seeing the two of you together. HINT TWO: If you guys have constant communication and he initiates he most of the time. Not all things have changed, guys will never go out of their way to talk to a girl everyday that they have no type of interest in. HINT THREE: If he’s constantly complimenting you. Guys are notorious for not noticing much so if a guy notices little things about you and is always telling you how he thinks that shirt looks great on you or your hair looks nice that way, best believe he’s also checking you out.

HINT FOUR: If he play fights or tickles you. That is the oldest rule in the book for knowing if someone is flirting with you. That is a guy’s way of making you laugh and getting close to you at the same time. HINT FIVE: If he wants to share his food with you. Sharing food can be romantic and cute, if he wants to share his food with you more than once he is already trying to be couple-like with you. HINT SIX: Back to constant communication, if he texts you back fast that’s a really good sign. When people do not feel like talking to you they will usually take forever to respond but if he’s really into the conversation then he will provide quick responses to your messages.

HINT SEVEN: If he asks to take pictures with you. No guy is going to go out of his way and ask to take a picture with someone they do not want to be seen with, that’s a fact. If he is asking to take a picture with you he wants to see how people would react to the couple-like picture. HINT EIGHT: If his friends tell you that he always brings you up. If you’re constantly hearing about stories he has told his friends, you must be on his mind. HINT NINE: If he goes out of his way to spend time with you especially if it’s doing something you do not think he would usually be into. HINT TEN: If he asks to hang out just the two of you. HELLO! He is practically asking you on a mini date for the real one. He’s totally into you!

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