Ten Ways To Know if You’re in The Friend Zone

This is going to be written for guys that want to know if they are in a girls friend zone. Hope this can give you a clue on if the feelings are mutual or if she has friend zoned you. HINT ONE: If she replies “Awww thanks” to a compliment, she is politely asking you to return back to the friend zone you just tried to escape from. HINT TWO: If you invite her to come over your house several times and she always brings her friends. Don’t be a fool, she obviously doesn’t want alone time with you. HINT THREE: If you guys go out somewhere together and she just waves good bye at the end of the day when she’s leaving. Seriously, she just waved at you, it doesn’t get friendly then a good bye like that one.

HINT FOUR: If she calls you to vent about her crush/ex boyfriend. Warning! She is not into you, I repeat, she is not into you. HINT FIVE: If she introduces you to people by your name and then adds on “He’s like a brother”. No normal girl wants to date her brother, so chances are she doesn’t want to date you either, bro. HINT SIX: When she’s always playing around saying she loves you. No girl will play around and say she loves a guy if she’s into him, even as a joke; it would be too risky to ruin things in the girl’s eyes, however, with a friend zone guy, she won’t care.

HINT SEVEN: If she asks you to go to the mall with her to help her shop. This one is pretty bad, she’s practically saying she sees you like one of her girl friends. HINT EIGHT: If you get to her house and she’s in a robe with a green beauty mask on her face, run away, you never had a chance, EVER. HINT NINE: If she avoids being too close to you. Not only is she friend zoning you but she’s most likely just not attracted to you. HINT TEN: If she asks you for advice on how to get with your best friend. That’s it, red flag, don’t take one more step. You have just gone from the friend zone to the dead end.

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