I know a few people do not know what a TESLA is but I a here to fill you in about this amazing car. A TESLA is a electric luxury car that is very eco-friendly and when it comes to looks it looks  nothing like a Prius more like a a futuristic car form the future. Seeing these cars on the road is very rare because you do not see them that often, you will see more Mercedes or Toyota’s than a TESLA. It is not because these cars are not popular they are just too expensive and not much people know about them. I am sure some of you have seen this car an wonder what kind of car is that and just gave up trying to figure out what kind of car it is. TESLA is an American car that is made in America, when I found that out I was very surprised and revealed. I was surprised because American cars are usually ugly or not that dependable or reliable.  I am revealed because America now has a chance to show to the world that they can make nice luxurious cars like Lexus, Mercedes,BMW and Jaguars.

Although these cars are very popular there sales have not shown that they have lost $850 Million dollars, so they have come up with a new strategy and that is to create a more affordable care that cost $35,000 or less. I personally think this is a good idea because the people who want a TESLA could have more of a chance to afford one. The more TESLA on the road mean free advertising and more people wanting to know or try to test drive the car. The battery life on these car can go 215 miles-240 miles depending on the model that you buy and it does not require you to put gas in it just charge it. The car is able to fit 5 and you can customize the car to your liking. Hopefully in 5-8 years I will have one too.

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