The Abuse of Photoshop

Okay, now I know there are a lot of beautiful girls out there. Some actually come close to looking completely flawless. Yet, nonetheless we still have the tabloids retouching every single picture with Photoshop before it hits the magazine stand. This fake image that is being released to our society has gone too far!  

Not a day goes by that we don’t look at ourselves in the mirror. Mirrors are everywhere, and it’s hard not to take a quick glance at ourselves to make sure we still look  halfway decent.  The reason why we’re taking that quick glance in the mirror (or even the reflection of a shiny window) is because the media. The media has this unreachable bar set for how we are “suppose” to look. Yet, even the most famous super models is the world still end up getting there photo retouched.

It would be nice if one day if there could be a magazine that is released with nothing but images that have not been retouched.. It’s an awful feeling checking out at a grocery store and having to view those magazine covers with the gorgeous models and actresses. (especially when you have cart full of food). Yet, the thing to remember is that most of those people don’t really look like that.

Every single blemish, cellulite, dark under eye, wrinkle, pimple, and extra weight has been erased. Don’t get me wrong; like I said before, there are tons of beautiful women out there. I would just like it if Photoshop wasn’t being abused to make something that is already beautiful, even more “beautiful” .

I also want to add that it’s not just for the women they do retouches for. There are defiantly a lot of men out there (athletes especially) who happen to grow a 12 pack of abs overnight, or a pair 22 inch guns. That too is  misleading to all the guys out there.

I guess the only thing we can do (since we all know that Photoshop isn’t going anywhere) is to just be a little more confident with how we look. Stop trying to compete with these fake pictures, and appreciate who we are. For some, that may be really difficult to do. A good start is to stop reading beauty magazines; they will only make you feel ugly!

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