The Big Push!!! Several Teams Fight for Post-season Position as NBA Playoffs Near.

The period of late March-early April always brings excitement and thrills to hoops fans alike. Even though college basketball kind of takes center stage during this time of the year, that in no way means that thing don’t get more intense in the big leagues. As of right now, the NBA Playoffs are only a few weeks away and several teams are jockeying for position as the road to the championship inches ever closer


The standings in both the eastern conference and the western conference have drawn some great storylines in the past few weeks. The Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers budding rivalry has continued to thrill fans and the tension between these two Eastern Conference beast is becoming more heated as the Heat have knocked the currently slumping Pacers out of the top seed in the Conference. Meanwhile, the bottom of the Eastern conference playoff picture is slowly beginning to take shape. Recent wins by the Bobcats, Wizards, and Hawks strengthen those teams’ chance of competing in the post-season while teams such as the Knicks and Cavs try to hold on for dear life to their fading playoff hopes.


Out West, the playoff push is at an all-time high. Every day, a teams’ position in the standings change creating layers to the already budding sense of urgency. As for the bottom of the west, the expression “It is always hotter in the south” is the best way to describe the battle between the #7-8 seeds. Dallas, Phoenix, and Memphis are fighting hard to keep their playoff dreams alive. But with all their records eerily similar, it might take the end of the regular season before we find out who will continue to the playoffs and who will catch it on TV.

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