The Boston Bruins: Their 1 trade and how it impacts the rest of their season

The NHL trade deadline has passed and while there was not many blockbuster trade predictions for any team there were still quite a few trades that had occurred. The Boston Bruins were able to complete a trade before the deadline, and it was for a position that many felt they would target: the defensive line. They brought in under-the-radar defenseman Andrej Meszaros from the Philadelphia Flyers for some conditional draft picks just before the Wednesday deadline.

Some people, including myself, expected the Bruins to make somewhat of a big splash in the trade pool and bring in a star defenseman for a playoff run. Since that didn’t happen, and no player was sent away in the trade, the Bruins front office obviously feels as though there is good team chemistry throughout the locker room. Breaking that chemistry with a blockbuster trade can make it difficult for a team to play as a team the rest of the season, which could potentially halt a championship run.

With the acquisition of Meszaros the Bruins didn’t get that superstar defenseman, but they did get a healthy body to play on that line that could create some healthy competition among the defenders. Making everyone try and step up and play hard to keep their playing time and not get benched is really a positive thing for the organization the rest of the way. Meszaros has also made a good first impression with scoring a goal in his debut for the Bruins against the Florida Panthers. Hopefully keeping the core of this team intact brings home the Stanley Cup for the Bruins.

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