The Boy Scout Scandal Illustrating Our Need to Understand Gay vs Pedophile.

I’m writing this with no citations or any real, empirical research, which is a dangerous, possibly irresponsible manner in which to write.  The Boy Scouts of America surely did some research, though.  They read that 1950-something report saying something along the lines of “only 2 opposite sex parent families are healthy families in which to raise kids” and some horrifically un-scientific articles stating that gay men molest boys because they were molested and that’s why their gay…and evil.  They listened to their Pastor’s tell them that the gay nation was going to bring down the moral fiber of the USA and God was going to stop blessing our Godly Country if we allowed those godless sicko’s to express their chosen lifestyle among good God-fearing, righteous Christians.

So how’s that working out for you, BSA?

This week documents were released listing incidences of molestation and their cover-ups among scoutmasters.  The incidences go back to the 1910 founding, notes in parents in victim’s handwriting were still sitting in BSA offices.  Civic leaders and even local police were involved.  When we think of scouts, we see wholesome, Norman Rockwell cherub’s in outdated uniforms or smudged popcorn peddling obstructions to the grocery store door.  Molesters see a salad bar of opportunity.

Of those files, how many of those of boys were molested by gay-identifying scoutmasters?  None.  They’re not allowed to be in the scouts.   Mike Huckabee has publicly equated gay scout leaders with molesters.  Gay leaders are being routed from their positions and yet, none of them have any allegations of perversion against them (aside from being gay, natch).

There is miles of research not being read about gay not being a choice, gay not turning children gay, gay not meaning pedophile.  That’s the most important one.  GAY DOES NOT EQUAL PEDOPHILE.  Pedophile equals pedophile.  It’s its own sexual interest category.

My 7 year old is a cub scout this year.  I feel like we belong to the Fred Phelps First Holy Church of Hate.  Ryan Andressen was recently denied his hard worked for Eagle Scout status because he’s gay.  I’m a progressive gay rights advocate.  How do I justify sending my kid to bigot camp?  It’s seemingly the only game in town.  I’m hearing something about Indian Scouts, though,  I just have to do some research.

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