The Celebration of Veganism with World Vegan Day 2013.

Many animal rights activits and animal lovers alike, had a special holiday to celebrate this past Friday in the form of World Vegan Day. Not only was November 1st given to commemorate this wondrous lifestyle choice; the entire month is dedicated to it as well.

Due to the philosophy that animals should be able to live in conjunction with humans, many have chosen to eliminate the consumption and use of animal products in their daily lives. Whether it is meats or animal by-products, which are often present in many household items, vegans abstain from such things in order to promote the ethical treatment of animals.

World Vegan Day has been celebrated annually since its inception in 1994, when Louise Wallis (former president of The Vegan Society) established the day in honor of the society’s 50th anniversary. The organization was the first group created in support of veganism, and its original founder, Donald Watson, was actually the one who created the term “vegan.”

Now, the special day is honored by festivals all over the world and the celebratory events will be continuing on until the end of the month. For those who aren’t vegan but would like to partake in promoting the lifestyle, try taking a vegan pledge for a specified amount of time. Whether it is for a week or for the entire month of November, try challenging yourself so that you may aid in advancing the important cause of animal rights. Not only will such a lifestyle choice support the ethical treatment of animals, it will also contribute to environmental sustainability. Happy vegan eating!

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