The Connection Between Social Networks, Electronic Devices, and Society Today.

Today, social networks are looked at as a total distraction that keeps us from connecting to real life people and events, as well as the electronic gadgets we use to stay connected. Although, these thoughts are not completely erroneous, social networks serve a purpose here. Social networks and electronic gadgets go hand in hand. They together help us stay connected to a world of no limits. We talk to whoever we want, whenever we want, and post about whatever we want, which is supposed to represent our style and personality in a sense, to those who “follow” us and are connected to us. This can definitely make someone addicted, but it also helps kill boredom when there is nothing else to do. I mean, when we wait in line or go to the doctor’s office, we can entertain ourselves by going on our social network account and seeing what is going on with those people we are “following.” Sometimes, these habits can truly ruin quality time, as the need to check our accounts grows everyday and becomes a habit. I cannot even count how many times my father tells me and my sister to put our phones away and to participate in family conversations and to enjoy our time at family gatherings; and we do, it’s just that at this point, it is a habit. I do understand it may look like we are uninterested because we are not participating, but we are interested. We truly enjoy ourselves when we attend friend or family gatherings. Social networks help us stay connected with family and friends that are not physically close to us. It helps us show our life though pictures and posts, as a way of self expression. I am a very expressive person, so I really enjoy that I am able to do that. Even family members that have not seen you in years can see how much you have grown and accomplished. I don’t think social networks are completely a waste of time and a total distraction. As an intelligent human being, we must know what we are doing, and put our phones down when we need to.

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