The Crazy Boss and How to Handle It

In many high stress jobs, employers tend to act harshly towards their employees when in reality they are great employees dealing with a matter they have little control over. Many  employees get frustrated and angry when reprimanded over these matters. Other times your boss will say you’re the best employee they have ever had. How do you handle a boss with these mood swings? Should you stay and keep your job or quit and find one where this isn’t a regular occurrence?

Currently at my internship, the people who work there are constantly frustrated by the woman in charge and how she communicates with them. She is very disorganized and has ridiculous expectations of all of us. She has had very few longterm employees and the ones currently there are all considering leaving.

What is causing them to make the decision of leaving? Not a high enough pay as well as the stress level at the job. At other jobs, the pay is good and is even with the stress level. I guess the phrase “they couldn’t pay me enough” truly does apply in some cases.  Unfortunately for the employers that can not pay a high enough rate, they tend to cycle through employees but many will never change their ways in how they treat their employees. Maybe in the future the next generation will learn to treat their employees fairly and be more understanding about certain situations but until then we can only learn how to deal with our employers and weigh the options to decide the best situation for us.

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