The Developing of the Military into using Drones

The military as constantly been evolving over the time of America’s existence. If you remember back when America was trying to gain their independence from the Great Britain we used a military that was not in the best condition. We started using farmers and people of the different downs. They formed the militia army. They would hide in the brush or woods then ambush them. This is kind of like the modern day Navy seals. Over time we then were able to develop planes and boats. These helped us to transport our military around the world. We were also able to fly soldiers to different place much faster. Planes also kept our military soldiers safer as well. They were able to stay in a plane from a safe distance and still be able to hit their target. While their are still risk when flying planes into a combat zone the American government aimed to find a way to better protect our pilots and the front line soldiers on the ground. Drones have been created. Drones are like robots. They are operated by out armed forces at very safe distance. They are sent in instead of the soldiers to fight. If they are flight drones and they get shot down no American soldier is hurt. Drones are becoming a more popular for use in the military. By using drones there are less American casualties. There will always be the need for actual soldiers to go into a front line to save lives and help, but drones I think are going to take a bigger part in our military year by year.

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