The Distant and out of touch average computer user.

As a graphic designer I have been stereotyped by the industry I work in as an out of touch computer geek. Knowingly, as a graphic designer and just average computer user, we are known for not being the social type. We generally thrive in non face-to-face conversations where most communication takes place via text messaging, email, or through social networking. To me and most people in my field, this is a plus but in the “real world” does this really play out to be optimal? We can limit communication to the bear necessities with whom and when we want. There can be days at a time that I don’t communicate with people via phone or sometimes weeks without a face to face conversation. Is this a good thing?

God forbid, that we would have to change our field of study or this industry becomes obsolete and we actually have to get a traditional nine to five job. Will I be able to adequately make that transition? Or a better question that rises is do I really want to make that transition? Although the facts remain true, I personally find that as many people transition their lives into more of a digital thrust, we have to be ever so mindful not to lose that important essence of life. TRUE COMMUNICATION.  It becomes easy to remain in a shell of selfishness and make money doing it. As a designer I become even more self-sufficient and there is no need to rely on anyone for anything. With Facebook, twitter and other social networks on the rise, I think that it is important that many people monitor what type of social effects using these social networks really have on people. Are these networks really “social” or anti-social? Not to downplay the positives that they bring, because honestly they are a good thing in its place, but as adults I think that we must be cognoscente that we don’t allow them to make us that distant and out of touch user.

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