The Downfall of Elections: Less Division and More Decisisiveness

With the election finally over, there may be a weight removed off of our shoulders as Americans. The efforts and mystery of who will lead our country for the next four years as President is over. Whether we are satisfied or not with the outcome is on a whole different level. Case in being: a winner was announced, and the journey to the decision was a long one.

This election year was my first time being able to vote. I was excited to have my voice heard and my choice counted.  The freedom to vote is such a powerful one, especially taking into consideration that the ability to vote was so secluded when our democratic nature for our country was first established. Originally, voting rights were granted to white men who owned property. Women and blacks were just two of the groups discriminated against, their voices silenced. So, for me to be able to vote reminded me of those who fought for me to cast my ballot.

I feel as if this election was fun, but it was also a battle between two major candidates and the supporters that supported them. With our country divided, social media contributed to the bashing and criticism of one candidate to the next. I remember when voting choices were very private, now ballots are being posted on Instagram and Twitter. Technology did help for fast access on candidate updates and engaging in conversation on the election, but it also allowed for our social media pages flooded with arguments over who was a better choice for our country. I am very happy with how many students and young Americans engaged and participated in this election, but in the future, I hope we are more aware and informed in the choices we make on the ballot and how they will truly affect us. We all knew confidently who to vote for as President, but as far as the amendments and governor, we might have required a little more information. Elections are a great experience and I am glad that I participated in my first one, my voice was heard.

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