The Dress That Helped a Young Actress Make the Headlines

This past weekend, Selena Gomez made the headlines in entertainment news on the web. Why? Because of a dress. Last Thursday, Selena Gomez celebrated her Flaunt magazine cover at Hakkasan Beverly Hills and her dress was the talk of the town. The black number, a revealing cut out by Cushnie et Ochs, is probably the most grown up piece she has worn yet. This being said, how does a dress stir up so much commotion? It is because the dress was on a Disney star.

Female Disney stars probably have it the hardest as far as their careers and image is concerned. They begin their careers on Disney channel where they become the role model for millions of kids. Because of this, it’s like people don’t expect them to ever grow up. And when they do begin to act like the young adults that they are becoming, it makes headlines. There are so many examples of this: Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, and Brittany Spears. All of the stars came to fame through Disney. Once they left Disney, it’s like they were expected to stay teens and not move on to more mature things in their lives.  It is sad to think that their lives is under so much scrutiny and they are so easily judged when all they’re doing is growing up. I feel that if people really sat down and looked at their own lives and the things they’ve gone through, they’d become a bit more understanding of the things they these young women have to go through. The only difference being, that they are in the public eye.

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