The Easiest Taco Tuesday Recipe for the World’s Worst Cook

Anyone who knows me know two things about me:

  1. I love Tacos (And all Mexican food really)
  2. I cannot cook if my life depends on it.

That being said, I have recently discovered the small kitchen appliance that is revolutionizing the lives of all people who cannot cook everywhere: the crockpot. This crockpot works miracles. Overnight, it has changed me from a kitchen failure to everyone’s favorite place for a good dinner. I am going to share with you the recipe that changed my life. These are the best tacos EVER, with the least amount of effort possible.


  1. Two boneless chicken breasts
  2. One cup Chicken Stock
  3. One bottle ranch dressing
  4. One package of Taco Seasoning

Four ingredients. That is all these incredible tacos take. Just stick all four of those ingredients in your crock pot, and set it to low for five hours. When the chicken has cooked all the way through, shred the chicken with two forks and let it sit in the crockpot for another fifteen minutes.

All you need after the chicken is done is flour tortillas for serving and whatever other garnishes your heart desires on your tacos. I usually use salsa, sour cream, cheese, and cilantro, but whatever is in the fridge will work just fine.

Enjoy your tacos, new cooks!

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