The effect of today’s female role models on feminism

Most enlightened minds would agree that the sexes should have equal opportunities when it comes to employment and societal advancement. Unfortunately, there has been a development of false feminism in the wake of the feminist awakening of the 1970’s. Carrying the flag for this movement are the supposed feminine role models and celebrities of today’s media. Today, young women are empowered by female role models like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and reality TV show stars like the boisterous girls from the Jersey Shore.

While these women do present a strong image of themselves, what they indicate about women in general is alarmingly anti-feminist. Taking a look at Nicki Minaj, young ladies see a self-proclaimed “bad bitch”, an over-the-top female rapper who uses men like… well, like male rappers claim to use women. So what’s wrong with women evening the score in the “disrespecting romantic partners” game? Just examine the phrase “bad bitch”. “Bad” refers to misbehavior and disregard for what others think. “Bitch” is a depreciative word that refers to a woman. The fact that Nicki Minaj refers to herself and embraces the label of “bitch” only proliferates the viewing of women as objects, and Nicki indeed presents herself as an object to be won.

Another empowered young woman includes Rihanna, the musical artist who demands that her partner make her feel “like [she’s] the only girl in the world”, is known for nearly always sexually related songs. When photos were released of a bruised Rihanna and domestic abuse allegations were leveled against her then-boyfriend and R&B/pop music singer Chris Brown, a great many people were outraged. But what does Rihanna do? She goes back into the booth and records a song with Chris Brown! I can hardly believe that Rihanna would want to be in the same room as Brown after such blatant disrespect, but I suppose Rihanna’s new brand of feminism allows physical abuse.

At the end of the day, women have to choose what their idea of feminism is. But calling yourself a bitch and having sex with rich men doesn’t really seem to be a step in the right direction towards equality between genders. But what do I know? I’m just a man.

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