The Election is Over, Now What?

Finally, that’s behind us.  Facebook is safe to be perused without threat of sudden rage popping out from behind an innocuous meme.  Things can go back to normal.  Wait. I don’t remember normal.  What did we talk about?  What am I going to fill my brain with if not rebuttals?  I don’t know what to do!

Cute animals!  Have you seen the baby puggle?  It’s a gray something or other and oh so adorable.  Kittens are still a success and who doesn’t love a roly poly puppy?

Baseball is over, but that is no loss from what I can tell and we do still have football!  Are people still sufficiently grateful for the end of the referee strike?  We could review the largest gaffes and be happy all over again.  Atlanta is still undefeated.  We could unite over predicting their downfall, unless you’re an Atlanta fan, but I’ve never met an Atlanta fan so I don’t think they really exist.  You’re going down, Atlanta, American needs it.

Political Ad-free TV.  I may watch hours just because there are no attack ads telling me how doomed we are all going to be if we let Satan, Jr. into office.  I don’t really like TV all that much, but the idea that someone is only going to try to sell me detergents and bad food, not candidates in ominous tones makes me embrace the medium anew.  This would be a great time to get involved in a heavy mythology story like “Lost” that we could all debate for hours.

Whatever we do, let’s do it peacefully.  Let us enjoy one another’s differences and revel in decisions having been taken out of our hands for another two years.  I’m going to start by posting a baby puggle.

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