The Evolution of Television and Reading Technology

Education has been a necessary and exceptional form of achieving knowledge. Reading has been the basis of attaining learning skills that help to improve and enhance our critical thinking. As the years have progressed, the age of technology continues to increase along with it. Technology has continued to increase our capabilities of not only obtaining new data but being able to gain it faster via modern technological methods. Initially, most students would learn and accomplish their studies through different sorts of reading materials and resources such as: encyclopedias, almanacs, and monthly magazines like National Geographic and Reader’s Digest. Books and other material form of resources are slowly being overtaken by the growth of technology. Reading materials and other research methods found in books are now being substituted for the Internet and television, while other resources such as encyclopedias are now becoming available through technological devices called tablets like the iPad and Kindle.


In today’s education, most of the researches that students conduct now are almost completely done through the Internet. With the Internet, information is retrieved at a much faster rate and can be easily accessed as long as internet service is provided. Over the past years, the Internet has greatly evolved and has introduced new structures, with social networks like Facebook and Twitter being one of them. Communication and technology through the Internet has continued to connect people globally and at the same time provide information through different websites. While it may seem that technology is becoming more convenient and suitable, researchers and specialists have found that the online website has been shown to be a more biased form of learning. The Internet has been shown that not all the information found on a particular website will contain precise and accurate information. Television has a variety of programs that offer learning via documentaries, but hardly contains the greater amount of information that is found in books.


On the other hand, reading and learning from class textbook or material resources like the encyclopedia have been edited and published to measure appropriate data that contains the proper facts. But as reading materials are becoming overpowered by technology formats like the Internet and online websites, the power of reading is beginning to decrease. Although some form of knowledge and learning can be achieved over the Internet and researching through online databases, researchers have found that reading through a book or material resource is more capable of enhancing learning compared to what the Internet has to offer. Reading has always been the basis of learning that leads to brighter minds. Education can only be assisted by information found on the Internet but it is through reading books and material resources that students have always learned to gain their aspects of understanding and enhancing their comprehension. Technology will definitely continue to grow in this day and age, but reading will always play a vital part in the learning.

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