The Evolution of the Internet and Technology Is a Convenience for Users

The Internet has become a crucial part of today’s day-to-day life. With already more devices to connect to the Internet than residents, the United States is a great example of a nation well adapted to the ever-evolving world of technology. Although the Internet has not always been this popular, its development is one always advancing as it has throughout the years making our life more comfortable.

The Internet started in 1969 and its network grew from 62 computers in 1974 to 28,000 computers in 1987. During this time, it was only text. There was no video, graphics or sound.

The early 1990s brought to us the World Wide Web, which allowed multimedia available on the Internet. By 2012, 2.4 billion people worldwide were using the Internet, and North American users held 11.4 percent.

Today, the Internet is at work, school and basically at most places we frequent. We bring it with us through our electronic devices, as today it allows us to receive a limitless amount of information at the pace we desire.

Now we also have smartphones, iPads or tablets, laptops and many more devices than ever before to get access to the Internet. This development in technology has benefited the lives of its users in many ways.

Currently, no matter how far from loved ones one may be, one can video-call and match the call with a visual of the person we are connecting to. Online education, communication, payments, accounts and shopping are all facilitated because of the development of the Internet, allowing us to get more done from the comfort of home or the office as long as there is a device to get connected.

With all the comfort and access the developments of technology and the Internet have to offer, it is no wonder users keep adapting to this evolution and await future advances.

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