The Golden State Warriors Take On Basketball History

The Golden State Warriors still have yet to slow. A 14-0 start and superstar Stephen Curry is on fire. This week the Warriors face history. One more win and they match the record for best ever start to an NBA season, two more wins and they claim the record as their own. Can they do it? It sure looks like they can.

The Warriors need to defeat the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers in order to capture history. They’ve beat much stronger teams, but that does not mean they should take either team lightly. Interim head coach Luke Walton has said the team is practicing as hard as ever and taking the next two games like playoff elimination games. Needless to say the Warriors really, really want this record.

After a stunning come from behind win against the Clippers, many believe this record is the Warriors to lose. Down 23 points at one time, the Warriors slowly and methodically chipped away at the Clippers lead and won the game. The Warriors are definitely fighting for this record like their lives are on the line.

The next two games are bound to be exciting. The Nuggets and the Lakers are sure to give it their all, after all… who doesn’t like to spoil another’s party? But the Nuggets and Lakers certainly need to bring everything they have to beat the Warriors and not miss a beat to even stand a chance. This week will certainly bring a lot of excitement to the NBA and definitely to fans of the Warriors.

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