The Government Holds Secrets? Say It Isn’t So!

Government secrets have long been the threshold for conspiracy theorists.  The Watergate scandal only enforced the beliefs that our politicians are some sneaky people.  In the past, it took investigative reporters months of hard labor to uncover truths.  Now, in the age of technology and the internet, it is a matter of hours, perhaps minutes, before the information hits the masses.

Sites such as WikiLeaks are making it harder for the government to keep their secrets intact.  However, is this fact such a bad thing?  If secrets don’t make friends, then do we really have an ally in our own government?  The politicians were put in place to be the voice of U.S. citizens.  If they keep secrets from us, then how are we supposed to have a voice?

Perhaps, this is the reason for some of the secrets.  Maybe, the government feels they know what is best for the citizens as a whole.  This really isn’t possible, though.  The majority do not even know a single one of us.  Therefore, they cannot begin to know what is right for us.  Even a father who has spent every day with their child tends to misinterpret what their child wants and/or needs.

WikiLeaks and other comparable sites are great resources for the average citizen to stay informed of what is really going on in our country.  Without sites like these, we may never know what is really going on inside Washington.  It may cause one to wonder if the President and other elected officials knew what was going on when they were running for office.  If they did, were they running to expose or continue such secrets?  If they did not, will they stand against them or create new ones?  How is anyone to be a good leader if they keep their citizens in the dark?

Kudos WikiLeaks for being the voice for concerned citizens everywhere!

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