The Greatest Regular Season Quarterback, who doesn’t belong in the Post Season

All it would take would be for him to win this final game. The news reporters stated that he would be the best quarterback every in the NFL, if he beat the Seattle Seahawks. Most people were ready to brand him, “GOAT,” the greatest of all time. Well, all of these events did not happen. This individual did not win his final game. This individual not only lost this game, which just so happens to be the Super bowl, but was annihilated. How does one go from almost being crowned the greatest of all time, to now not even in the conversation? Ask Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning is the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. On February 2nd, Peyton had a chance to potentially become the best quarterback in the history of the NFL. However, he would have to go through the Seattle Seahawks. Now, the Seahawks were not just a regular team. This team sported the toughest defense in the NFL. This defense was rated number one in turnovers and points allowed in a game. In order for Peyton to be crowned king, he would truly have to overcome a “smash mouth” adversary.  Now, here is the key. Every one who watched the Super bowl, knows how the story ends. Peyton lost the game.

But it was not exactly that he lost was the problem. It was how he lost. Peyton Manning, who had the tag of the greatest regular season quarterback, was crushed.  The final score of the game was 43 to 8, Seahawks. How does an individual, who won the scoring record, loose by that many points? It is easy to say that Peyton did not have any help or that his other teammates did not play to the right level.  At the end of the day, truth be told, Peyton Manning was not good enough to win this game. Therefore, he is not good enough to be in the “Greatest of All Time” discussion.

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