The Growing Dangers of Global Web Networks

The growing expansion of the Internet continues to progress today as many web users continue to log and surf through many online sites. The Internet initially began as providing digital information for research and even entertainment. Over the years, the Internet had gradually increased its popularity and uses to a point where it now provides boundless of information and entertainment like social networks. While many users feel satisfied with everything the Internet continues to provide, the amount of space and usage that is endlessly being used daily has begun to put the Internet in a risky position. Many of the current issues and situations regarding the Internet have placed great influence towards the audience.

Social networks are highly considered as one the most popular systems of communication online. What few people take into considerations are the hazardous situations that can occur at any given moment. Social networks not only allow users to communicate with their friends but are exposing themselves through the virtual world and even as easy targets for spammers. It is often observed that by the large number of users communicating through the networks, spam messages or links affect one’s profile or email which can even harm their friend’s or others’ as well. Spam messages are common all over the Internet and continue to increase to a widespread of popular sites that many web users often visit.

Aside from websites, many advertisers and designers must be aware that anything being posted onto the Internet such as pictures and videos can play a huge role in influencing the viewers. Propaganda has always been used a method used by the media to gain attention. These types of ads must be reviewed to make sure that it is capable being shown to the public without the possibility of causing too much negative reaction. Commonly seen among politicians and toll-free commercials, propaganda ads not only influence but can confuse the audience with the decisions to make a choice. Most of the viewers that see these ads are young children. The pressure of opinions described, written, or printed onto the Internet can be very persuading at times, but must be handled properly and be placed under control.

The Internet in general has greatly explained and described itself as a world wide web. While we still can enjoy the things that the Internet has to offer, we also have to be cautious of any malware that can occur or be disguised as something indecent that can corrupt our computers or even spread false information about us as users on the online website. As the Internet progresses in developing newer forms of networks, the issue of whether or not, we will still possess enough space to continue its online use or if we hit a limit that will forever hinder innovations towards the Internet and future technology, will continue to be asked as an unanswered question.

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