“The Importance of Music in Religion”

A lot of people have much to say about religion today, but most of it is concerned and thought of with the description of religious experience or the makeup of the religious consciousness. In my opinion, I believe that music is needed in religious worship based on the actual religion itself. Music during worship is a great way to show expression and feeling, as well as helps someone become fulfilled with hope and contentment. Although there are many religions in the world and small amounts of followers of different religions in the states, in North America Christianity is the primary religion that people follow.

Christianity has been a musical religion throughout its history of existence. A great deal of controversy involved in the church for many years, has been centered on music and it’s relation to worship. When it comes to the church there are many different disagreements, misconceptions, and split opinions about music. Out of the 66 books in the bible, music is mentioned in 44 of those books. In one of the books of the bible, Psalms, music is dedicated and mentioned in every chapter and is very much like a hymn book within a book of knowledge and stories. The Word of God makes it clear that those who follow the Lord are a singing people, and Christians naturally sing. Scripture explains why Christians should sing, how they should sing and even what they should sing. A lot of times when people worship, music enhances their worship setting. Also, worshiping with music helps to bring out more genuine understanding about what they are feeling to themselves and to other people in the worship setting around them.

One can look back in time during the slave and middle passage era to see an example from how music can be used in worship as well. For example, in this time when slaves worked in fields they could not talk to each other directly. They were forced to listen and dance to tunes played on violins by their masters for entertainment and for humiliation. As the times and years went by, slaves turned the disappointment of humiliation around and they sang, danced, and walked to old hymns from the Bible. They used those hymns to get through struggles and to communicate with each other through code and secrecy as a way to survive and have hopes of becoming free. I believe that when people use music in worship they should sing and praise to teach scripture, church lessons and understanding, and truth about how to live a great and positive lifestyle.

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