The Internet and It’s decrease in Accountability Journalism

Accountability journalism is the idea and/or practice of journalists to get the most accurate information regarding the government and businesses. This involves a good amount of investigative reporting. During the golden age of newspapers, investigative reporting was relied on much more than today. Now that the internet allows any user to post pretty much anything, it is hard to judge what is accurate or not.
I feel that these days, Americans are more skeptical of what is being reported. There is hardly any trust anymore. Although, there are readers that trust every single word and agree with them. The majority is the skeptics, though. What can keep what is read online honest? Perhaps readers should only visit trusted news sites and not news blogs or any site that allows unlicensed users to post on. There should be a literal stamp of approval on each article that ensures readers that they are reading an article that a journalist has posted after accurate reporting has been practiced. Journalists should stay as unbiased as possible and only focus on details, not opinions. One way a reader can avoid reading an illegitimate article is by being very aware of the article itself. Is the writing heavily opinionated? Are there accurate names and dates?
Even though the digital age and the internet has decreased the amount of accurate accountability journalism, there are ways to make sure that readers are consuming accurate and legitimate reporting.

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