The Internet Has Made It Impossible For People To Stay Safe

As new stories continue to unfold in regards former LAPD Officer Christopher Jordan Dorner going on mass killing spree out of retaliation, it makes me wonder how safe we all really are, especially with billions of people having access to the world wide web. When news broke out about accused killer Dorner, I immediately thought of the movie Law Abiding Citizen. If you haven’t seen it, the movie follows the main character played by Gerard Butler who’s family was gruesomely killed and due to a crooked justice system the killer ended up walking away on probation. A couple years later, everyone who was involved in that case ended up being murdered but no one knew who was behind it. The murders ended up tracing back to Butler who at the ned of the movie revealed that he had been planning the murders for years and he only did it out of retaliation . He also said with the use of technology he was able to track every victim.

This case is similar to the accused killer Dorner. According to authorities, they believe Dorner is retaliating because was wronged when he was fired from LAPD. Authorities believe Dorner has been planning the murders for a while. I believe accused killer Dorner used technology to get the job done. Even with Dorner being a former policeman, how hard is it to really track someone nowadays. Through social sites such as Facebook and Twitter it is easy to find someone’s personal contact information. There are even websites such as that allow customers to pay a small fee to view an individuals address, phone number, parents occupation, a google map of where the house is located, and even a picture of the front of the house. I only know this because one of my friends pulled up my information in this website. Even when you try to make information private, once it’s on the internet there’s no going back. When you think about it, if a thief can steal someone’s identity by tracking their credit card number, how far off is it for a murderer to look up someone’s address or place of work and cause harm to them? In my opinion it’s not far off at all.

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