“The Land of the Free”

This is how dumb America is, or at least Florida. So the Obama commercial comes on for the fifth time and I actually paid attention to it. The case is made that America or Florida should vote for Obama because he is fighting to eliminate the tax breaks for oil companies (which people think will lower gas prices). Current taxes paid on gasoline in Florida is 52.9%, which is paid at the pump …by consumers. That means when you’re paying $4.00 for a gallon of gas, you’re actually paying $2.70 for the actual gas and $1.30 for taxes. The current tax breaks for oil companies are preventing what is known as double taxation also known as communism, socialism, and fascism. The problem is we went to war with an administration that was cutting the budget to afford that war. In comes an administration that chooses to bail-out banks and the auto industry, before finishing the billion dollars a day war. As we make homes affordable now, we also stand the chance of demolishing the stock market and every American’s Pension which is backed by these home mortgages. On St. Patrick’s Day president Obama passed a bill that gives his cabinet and himself the power to control food, water, gasoline, transit, etc. in “Time of Peace”. This is similar to FDR’s bill passed during the Great Depression which led to the government rationing food, water, gasoline, transit, etc. The only difference was we were in WWII (not a time of peace). Let’s say Bush is the husband and Obama is the wife. The husband went out with cash and defended our country in a necessary but costly manner. Meanwhile, his wife comes in and says, oh the banks, auto-industry, homeowners, and Trayvon Martin, shouldn’t suffer when we have all these credit cards, let’s just charge it. The problem is now the credit card bills have come in and the wife doesn’t know what to do. She’s cheated on her husband with China, but it’s still not enough to cover the bills. So now she wants to cheat with Oil companies (tax them) in order to pay for poor spending habits. Unfortunately, we can only blame Bush (the husband) for so long before America starts to realize the reality of our current economic status. This isn’t a blame game, it’s a wake up America smack in the face. This is about our money, our well-being, and our ability to pursue happiness! We need a President who surrounds himself with a financially sound, constitutionally backed, God fearing people. I’m not saying Romney is the answer, but the current administration can make things worse. United States of America “The Land of the Free”, not the land of the ignorant.

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