The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Finally Premieres

The much anticipated Late Show with Stephen Colbert finally made it’s premiere debut Tuesday September eighth on CBS. People weren’t sure what exactly to expect, Colbert usually catered to a certain audience when he hosted ‘The Colbert Report’ on Comedy Central and he more played a sarcastic comedic character than he did be himself. While the old host of the late show had more of an older audience and played himself, laughing at guests and himself.

Before the show premiered it was clear that Colbert was trying to advertise to a younger audience. He created a lot of short videos on a popular phone application called snap chat and he also did a lot of online videos and things through social media. The show was hoping to attain a younger audience while also keeping the older audience they had with David Letterman.

Colbert was set to have George Clooney and Republican presidential nominee, Jeb Bush, as guests. Jeb Bush decided this was prime opportunity to raise money for his campaign by raffling off a ticket to the taping. This didn’t make Colbert too happy, he made a video criticizing Jeb Bush (sarcastically of course) saying he would auction off a ticket too.

On the night of the premiere everything was all, but well. Colbert wasn’t even sure if the show would air. There were a lot of technical issues and they had to edit two hours of tape down to one in order for it to fit in the time slot of the show.

All turned out well though and the era of ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ has begun.

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