The Lego Movie is Making Money at the Box Office

The weekend of Valentine’s day is coming to an end, so it wouldn’t be to presumptuous to assume that a romantic movie would garner the most amount of ticket sales. However, that is not the case. The Lego Movie, an animated feature, according to made an impressive 48.8 million dollars. Other contenders were About Last Night (27 million) and RoboCop (21.5 million).

This its second week, and many of those other movies mentioned are competing in their first. Other Romantic comedies such as Endless Love and Winter’s Tale premiered  simultaneously with About Last Night and the competition could explain why all three still didn’t do as well. RoboCop probably didn’t do as well because it is difficult to execute a great remake of a classic film.

Perhaps the reason why The Lego Movie did so well could possibly be due to the fact that it is more a family movie those usually attract large audiences. Also, many single people and groups of friends might have gone to see it be cause of its nostalgic appeal and the fact that the movie is going to be purely comedic. Many generations grew up with Legos, and the lack of sexual overtones is good for people who don’t want to be reminded that they are single.

Essentially, The Lego Movie earned more money in the Box Office than its competitors. This probably means that there will be multiple sequels and merchandising will increase ten-fold. It will be interesting to see how well it does as it enters its third week in the Box Office.

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