The Loss of Loneliness Comes with a Path to Success

The ability to enter the soul and become introspective is a essential quality of the human experience. Today the modern student or just young person in general has lost that ability, and has graciously replaced it with the inability of being alone and bored. Though it may seem hard to believe the modern definition of boredom has only been around since the beginning of the 19th century; boredom still has a long road ahead in which to evolve. It is a troubling fact that the feeling of boredom has created a new monster, a phenomena where the individual is scared of being static and must fill the hours of the day in technological bliss and ceases to give in to the thought of, “what do I really enjoy to do with myself ?”

Recently I was in a class where I had the opportunity to understand this phenomena a little more, and along side with a broader understanding of how the modern student doesn’t want to be more introspective comes the reality that most of the same students are choosing careers because of there favorite television shows. In an article I read on the effects of Grays Anatomy and how the creation of this show sparked a romantic view on this career, many students look at the young actors and actresses and imagine how they would handle the same situations and how they would love to be in there careers. This in turn has made students not a shuttle of passion, but a mirror of repetition. In the social media that they read and the shows that they watch is a blueprint of there passions and the roadmap to success. How many people find themselves trapped by the loans they take out because the 5 different shows they love made them switch there majors 3 times. There are many reasons to be successful, but wanting to be like doctor House is not a reason why you should join medicine. Hopefully students start to find their muse outside of the technological addiction they are in or at least look up to programs that run throughout there college life’s.

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