The lost art of reporting, stop documenting every minute of your life via social media.

Social Media can be a very positive tool for many different aspects of life. People use social media to stay in touch with friends, family, and loved ones. You can meet new people and establish a wide arrange of relationships through social media websites.  However, a new trend is forming. A trend that must stop. People are now beginning to report every aspect of their everyday life.

Let me clarify, there is nothing wrong with sharing the pictures you took of the concert last night via social media, however, live updates of how much fun you are having at the Weezer concert is becoming ridiculous and over-bearing. The rest of the world is aware that we now possess the technology to upload pictures, audio, and video of anything we want. However, the rest of world doesn’t need to watch 4 separate videos of you and your  girlfriends singing “Call Me Baby”  as you prepare for a “night out on the town.”

There are a couple of problems with the constant reporting that we see today. One, everyone is not a reporter and it is apparent via the quality of work that is being released via social media. Enough with the poor quality video or the dark pictures. We can’t see or hear what is going on, not that we care in the first place. Two, people are constantly “reporting” everything that is going on in their lives. No one cares that you are out of milk and are going the to store to get some. By reporting everything you do, you are taking away from the whole point of why reporters were created, and that was to inform the public of what was going on in situations in various industries of life whether that be sports, politics, the economy, etc. So please, enough with constant updates regarding how your day went or what your learned in your History class. Respect the art of reporting and use social media properly, not as your own personal diary.

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