The Main Reason Why The First Two Years of College are Pointless.

I attended Valencia community college right after high school and to be honest it was the most pointless decision I made. This has nothing to do with the college itself or the educational value of a bachelors degree but more so with the content.  I enjoyed Valencia and Yes I did in fact save a lot of money transferring to the University of Central Florida but to be honest it was pointless and instead of helping me out i felt more at a loss.

Regardless of whether you attended a four year institution or went to community college first and then transferred over to one, the idea of taking general education courses for two year is absolutely ridiculous. It is especially ridiculous if you just came out of  high school taking four years of those same courses that were supposed to quote on quote prepare you. I attended Valencia college hoping to advance my education at a more efficient and economical price but was left at a personal loss when I transferred to UCF because i did not have a chance to explore different majors until my junior year which i had to of already have decided what i wanted to study.

Two years of General education courses are a waste of time, yes i believe everyone should be required to take one of each subject Math, History, English, Science to have a mutual understanding of the subject but beyond that those four years should be used to a full potential to introduce you with courses that will prepare you for your future career after all that is what college is for right?

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