The More Facebook Friends We Have, The More Alone We Really Are

The lives of today’s youth revolves around Facebook posts, instagram uploads, and twitter updates. Thus proving that when we are by ourselves, we are interacting with more people than ever before. The constant need for virtual attention has become the norm and much more desired than that act of interacting with people in real life. Many times I’ve discovered the quietest, most anti-social kid in my class has thousands of “friends” online and is considered “Facebook popular”. Our current society has lost the ability of solitude, constantly needing attention from others. This certainly seems like a contradiction considering we are surrounded by people with their eye’s glued to the screens in front of them, instead of interacting and forming relationships with people in real life. Is our society becoming anti-social because of the obsession to our virtual popularity and friendships? I think so. I find that I only know things about people through their facebook pages, not through having actual conversations with them. Instead of getting thoughtful phone calls from my friends on my birthday, I get hundreds of “Happy Birthdays!” from all my facebook friends- weather they are complete strangers, or people from high school I havent spoken with for years or maybe even ever! Yet they consider us friends just because technology has connected us and given us a secret window into each others lives. This causes us to know more about complete strangers than we may even know about the people we are closest to- all depending on how much a person chooses to publicly share about themselves to the world.

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