The Most Popular Smartphone Just Got Even Better

Well, Apple fans, the time has come: the iPhone 5s is available to the public this friday, September 20th! The new device is definitely ahead of its time, with a fingerprint identifier, M7 coprocessor, and is the first 64-bit smartphone in the world. This iPhone will be faster, smarter, and have better retina display.

The 5s will have the same sleek design as the 5, but this one comes in gold, as well as the traditional black or white. The fingerprint identifier is located on the home button and is used to speed up the process of entering your passwords. The smartphone will know your fingerprint and even other prints of the people you trust. The owner’s fingerprint will be used to unlock the phone, buy items from the App store, and purchase songs from the iTunes store. The 64-bit, or A7 chip gives users desktop class architecture in a slim phone. I think, however, that the introduction of iOS7 will be the most exciting part of the new phone. The entirely new design and layout will be a refreshing change for iPhone users.

With the release of the 5s, the iPhone 5c will also be available. The 5c is plastic and comes in different colors. It is to be an iPhone that will be more affordable and marketable to a younger generation. Apple is definitely trying to broaden their horizons and not be an overpriced company anymore. I am really excited for the iPhone 5s to come out because I desperately need an upgrade on my phone. I really hope it is all it sets out to be!

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