The New Battle In The TV Market. Apple, Amazon, and Google in The Warzone

Apparently, the expansion of the market TV has not reached its peak yet. For some moment, I thought the TV market had arrived to an ending battle when the use of cable TV was already in the majority of homes in U.S households. However I was wrong, since the TV market is expanding to new devices working as a station for your TV. As if we didn’t have enough entertainment in the hundreds and hundreds of channels already available in cable TV. Now the on-demand streaming is becoming a very wealthy and growing business.

The society is slowing adapting to these new ways of media entertainment. From my opinion, the virtual community started to rely on these new way of watching TV, with the arrival of Netflix. The company that charges you only $7 per month in order to see a very complete range of movies, series, and documentals.

However, this is not all, a few weeks ago Amazon released its Fire TV. Its latest bet in the TV market in order to become as big as it already became in the e-readers and tablet markets, with the Kindle series. This new device provides the customer the chance to watch any audio-visual program while interconnected with the amazon platform. Also the possibility to play videogames, but it cannot be compared to the newest releases: PS4 and Xbox One.

This new market was firstly leaded by Apple, with the Apple TV product, that some how did not had such a success as it was expected. Google had also released its Google Chromecast, a small portable device that could be connected to any smart TV providing the google platform.

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