The New Gel Manicure: A Do or Don’t?

Before I delve into this new phenomenon, I just want to go over a few basics about gel manicures from an informative site. A gel manicure is a type of manicure that uses gel to bind the synthetic fingernails to the natural nails. Unlike acrylic nails, the other option for manicures, gel nails are stronger and less likely to chip. Gel can also be applied over natural nails to keep them healthy and long.
A gel manicure is often preferred over an acrylic one because gel nails are odorless. Gel nails do not consist of the same acid that acrylic nails do; they are healthier and more natural. Additionally, a gel manicure tends to look more realistic, as the gel nails are more flexible and bond naturally to the real nail. Gel nails do not need lift, polish or backfills. These fingernails stay shiny and last longer than acrylic nails.
During a gel manicure, the gel is applied to the nail and cured under an ultraviolet light. The gel is durable and adheres easily to fingernails. Gel nails are removed only by filing them off. When these nails come off, the real nails are not damaged like when acrylic nails are taken off. The downside of a gel manicure is that it costs more than an acrylic manicure.
I enjoy treated myself to a gel manicure every now and then but what I don’t like to the process of taking it off. I don’t want to have to go back to the salon and have the manicurist soak my nails in remover until they are soft enough to scrape off, leaving my nails a little damaged. Another con would be I like to change my nail color a lot! Even with all of this, the durability and just polished look that lasts up to two weeks can be worth it!

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