The Next Big Step in Mobile Communication: Project Google Glass?

The technology world has formed a new invention, but is it really new, or just an altered form of an invention we already have? For those of you who have not yet heard of Google’s Project Glass, here’s your chance to form an opinion of your own; will you buy Google Glass when it comes out? Or is it just another expensive toy that imitates the technology we already have?

Physically speaking, Google Glass is a pair of glasses one wears equip with an integrated heads-up display, voice recognition, and a battery.  It has been said that Google is pairing up with glasses designers, such as Ray Ban, to make Google Glass a reality.  So what does Google Glass do? Essentially there is a tiny prism display that rests right above your eyeline.  This prism allows you to see what is on the display by simply glancing upward.  The glasses have an embedded camera, microphone, and GPS.  Voice control is used to control this device; you get a range of options including taking pictures, videos, sending messages (using speech recognition to text), getting directions, receiving the temperature, etc.  The idea behind Google Glass is self explanatory, yet hard to imagine.  Ask a question aloud, and the answer appears in front of you.  In my mind, I view Google Glass as a wearable iPhone.  The most distinct feature that Google Glass carries is the ability to show others what you are seeing at that very moment.  For example, say I’m hiking up Mt. Everest and want to share the moment with my mom.  I could talk to her over web cam and stream to her exactly what I am seeing.  Worst-case scenario being I get lost climbing Mt. Everest, I can even ask for directions and view them through the tiny prism by glancing upward.

When will it be released?  Originally Project Glass was supposed to be completed and ready for public purchase by 2014 at the earliest, however, the latest news suggests that Google Glass may be released by the end of 2013.  If you’re itching to get your hands on a pair even sooner, Google is allowing pre-orders for a hefty price of $1,500.  For the rest of us, Google says the price will be set around that of a current smartphone, so you can expect to pay at least $500.  Google Glass has American’s buzzing in favor and against, but only time will tell if this will be the invention of the decade.

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