The Office Candy Jar: The New Watercooler

Ever since my desk mate and I put a Costco sized candy jar at out desk, we have become the new water cooler. People from all over the office travel through hallways, conference rooms and other offices just to get to the giant candy jar. We get emails asking if there are any snickers left or even sometimes a request for specific candies.
There is excitement in the office when someone sees my desk mate or me walking from our car up to the office with a giant white plastic bag. According to, Water Cooler talk is defined as “denoting the type of informal conversation or socializing among office workers that takes place in the communal area in which such a water dispenser” and “indicating an event, television program, etc, sufficiently controversial or otherwise noteworthy to provide subject matter for such conversations” and this is now what happens at our desk.
After realizing this phenomenon, it seemed pretty cool to me that candy has unified the office. As an intern, you of course want to fit in smoothly into the new workplace and this is something I recommend. It even helped out the new intern since now she is in our candy sharing and helped her ease right into office life. I think it is a good positive thing for office communication. There is fun and lighthearted gossip, discussion of the office’s college football pool, and even work discussions. Having a place where you can take a quick break, enjoy a nice piece of chocolate, and continue on with work. I just hope we don’t get blamed for a winter weight gain!

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