The Persecution of Snowden, and His Get Away From World Governments

Since the mid year of 2013, a few events had happened already in terms of delivering secret information from the world’s most powerful countries. With the arrival of Wikileaks with Julian Assange. The countries involved have began serious persecutions on these of individuals, in order to avoid any more leaks about secrets governments.

The past year, a new crisis exploded with the revolution of Edward Snowden, an ex computer specialist that worked for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the NSA (National Security Agency). The ex formant of these institutions had acquired secret information from other countries, and decided to spread making the relationships among governments a bit fragile.

Everything started when Snowden released to a newspaper that the NSA had access to every phone call and Internet registrants belonging to the company of Verizon. A few weeks later, The Guardian and The Washington Post published that the NSA had been recollecting data directly from big companies present in everyone’s day by day, such as Google, Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, and Apple.

Until the actuality, Snowden has been sheltering from country to country, and making more trouble for different countries but the United States. Has also been involved in some of the leaks, when it was relased that the US government was spying China. However and China promised to cooperate in order to achieve his detention.

Even Russia had confirmed to locate Snowden near Mosku, where he was staying as a refugee. After that, he had solicited asylum in 21 different countries.

Currently he is staying in London, in the embassy of Ecuador, where he has been staying since the end of 2013. According to El Mundo, a Spanish newspaper, the British government had ordered all the airlines to deny any customer service to Edward Snowden.



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