The Power of Feminism and the Ways Women are Portrayed

Since the beginning of time women have strived to be the equivalent of man. Women did not want to stay at home and take on the “ideal” role that one should maintain. We, as women, wanted to make a difference. Nowadays I believe we have. However, the ways women are portrayed on television have often strayed from the power-driven women of yesterday to the way people perceive us.

Some say that women’s true power is for men to lust after them and for other women to envy them. As that may be the case for some women, I stand to defend the rest of the women. How come whenever comments are made about it women it has to do with how they are dressed? Has the thought ever occurred to people that they are dressing for themselves? And, how come when someone’s hair is done nicely it goes unnoticed, but when a girl wears to short of shorts nasty comments have to be said.

Many women are proud of who they are and their bodies. If you have really nice legs then you don’t want to cover them off. You worked hard for those legs and it makes you feel good when you show them off. The same goes for when girls make their breasts look larger by stuffing their bras. A good portion of girls take part in this to make them feel better about themselves. They aren’t trying to get the attention of others, but to make them feel comfortable in a society that is so wrapped around image.

Today, many believe that television mirrors reality. Yes, there are some people out there that want boys to drool over them and to be hated by other girls, but that is so exaggerated because what honest girl wants to be hated. I think people need to relax a little on criticism and not relate real women to the characters on television shows. The only advantage I see to exaggerated television shows is for women because they see how they are portrayed to be like and that should make them want to be above the people they are watching.

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