The power of the pen vs. the click of a keyboard

In speaking with a friend of mine who is a Humanities professor at a local community college, I heard her sadly state that many elementary schools are contemplating not teaching cursive writing to future students. She went on to say that because of computers we are typing more than we are writing with a traditional pen and paper. We even have the capability to electronically sign documents through many websites by creating a pin code. This was like a slap in the face of reality to me as I was raised having to hand write thank you notes for birthday gifts as well as Christmas gifts.

My mother even made sure to buy me stationary with my name on it so that I had no excuse for not sending them out.
I follow the same ruling with my children and explain to them how much a small gesture like a handwritten note means to many people. I just threw a tremendous birthday party for my daughter with over 100 guests in attendance. I found great stationary and wrote something small and generic on the computer and ran them off in the printer but made sure she signed each one personally. I also made sure each guest left with a small token of my husband and my appreciation for their presence at the celebration. Small gestures go a long way.

I find it sad that we are using more electronic media for things like cards and invitations and announcements instead of keeping more traditional methods alive. It would be a sad day when the young children of today grow up to be someone who will never experience signing their name on the mortgage of their first house, or on their marriage certificate. The feeling of a pen in your hand as you sign your unique name on something (anything) is powerful and a feeling I pray all generations get the chance to feel.

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