The Powerful Google

A few years ago when people had a question or a doubt about something, they used dictionaries and encyclopedia to look for the answers. That was pretty much all the resources they have to find an answer. But, since the launched of Google, this one has become the first option of people to look for information and for an “accurate” answer making books of answers redundant.

Google has become the most powerful tool in the Internet nowadays, not only for the enormous database that possess but also for the way they sell advertisement to many companies around the world. This company has the “answers” for anything, but it also has all the personal information about people’s lives and interests, an important tool they use to sell their ads. However, Google defines its mission as “to organize the world’s information,” not to possess it or accumulate it.

Google has made itself a global brand. It is use for many people around the world every second, that people has adopted the verb “google it” when they refer to look in the web page. People not only go to Google for searches like the best places to visit, to buy books, clothes, or to get the best deals. They also consult in Google for illnesses, diseases typing the symptoms they have, and with no doubts they will get an answer. They are making of Google their own doctor.

The power of Google is extremely big, and its control in our lives its beyond huge. Users give to Google a lot of attention, and this is what Google sells; vendors are looking for attention to get their products sell, and this is what Google offers them. According to James Gleick, Google makes more from advertising than all the nation’s newspapers combined.

Certainly the power of Google is growing extremely fast introducing new apps and services that people can use in an easier way than in other searching web pages. Services like maps, translator, street view, calendar, video, financial data, etc. They have created an empire of information on the web, that nobody in the world can say that they have never “googled” something.

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