The President Has A Twitter?!

So we know that everyone and there mother has a twitter. It has become something that is consistently growing as a trend. Everything from marketing artist, brands and people. Twitter is seen everywhere. Along with the rise of social media come “tweets.” The concept? Say what you need to say in 140 characters or less. But as seen as a form of marketing or self expression. Should the president have a twitter?

I mean lets face it, the 2013 modern day president is definitely ALOT different that those of the past. He is more relatable and we understand and seek to understand and relate to him. He has a family and a relationship like every other, he watches sports and movies. But just how personal should his life be.

Now don’t get me wrong, when you go on his Twitter you do not see things like “chillin with my pals”, or “ready for a drink”, but however just the fact that he has a Twitter might be alarming for the some people. Just engaging in the social media and making it relevant is a risk.

Although he might target the younger audience and see it as a way of him getting to a certain market, it is riscky for the market he is not attracting. Typically our parents and our grandparents “our” version of the past generation. So will the older generations see this as an insult. Even though they might have a Twitter themselves.

In my opinion, no one is perfect. I think that we have come to realize that the president is just like any other human out there. We just feel like he is knowledgeable and equipped to make decisions for us. Although we might not agree with them. And wether he has a Twitter or not it should and will not affect the way he handles himself. Yes, some people might disagree and turn away. But it does not take away from the fact that it will not change nor does it affect who he is as a person and more importantly as a leader.






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