The Printable Prosthetics Take Over

Thousands of people everyday lose limbs and valuable body parts due to extraneous activities and dangerous events. All of them wondering if they will be able to have fingers again or to walk again. Carpenter, Richard Van As, thought of the idea hours after he lost his own fingers to a saw accident. He researched prosthetic limbs only to find how expensive such equipment really is. He then teamed up with a mechanical effect artist named Ivan Owen and the two of them created the “Robohand”. This innovative invention is created with the use of the 3D printer and is more affordable than the average prosthetic on todays market.

With the use of the 3D printer, Van As, is able to create cost efficient prosthetics and provide help to those that are in need. The 3D printer uses thermoplastic material to print knuckles and joints which is then combined with steel and aluminum to produce personalized prosthetics. It is said that after 5 minutes patients can operate it fully and since they are personalized these prosthetics can fit on anyones hand or leg. A full adult hand costs as little as $2,000, takes five and a half hours to print and approximately 10-15 hours to assemble. Most prosthetics today can cost you from 10 to 15 thousand dollars making this invention not only cost effective but patient savvy. Van As is all about helping those that are in need and especially when they are on a budget.

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