The Problem With Orlando’s Public Transport

This weekend as I was coming back home I had to take the Lynx bus from downtown Orlando to UCF. I was appalled when I noticed how disorganized this bus line is. I took the 104 bus whose last stop was at UCF. There was more than 50 people crammed into that bus, way beyond its intended capacity, barely being able to move. For that matter, the bus kept taking more people in as we went on, because the other 104 bus was apparently late, and waiting passengers were out of patience. This led to a lot of protest from passengers as well as some who were not able to ride the bus due to the sheer amount of people that there was in it.

Furthermore, towards the end of the route, we were overtaken by another bus with the same number, which was practically empty by comparison to us. The lack of planning and organization is very unprofessional and gives this huge city a very bad image, because it shows that the transport department is sleeping on those who do not own a car or can not afford a faster, more comfortable way to get around.

Orlando is a huge city. The people who are in charge need to take notice of this and make sure the bus line is working properly and in sync, because it is their public duty to make sure that the residents of this city live as comfortably as possible.

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