The Proteus Effect and Stereotypes

The goal of the Proteus Effect is to test the extent to which the “feeling” of character with a certain appearance shapes player behavior. This is a common problem in society. Many people that do not have the stereotypical attractive look have lower self-esteem. The attractive people know they are attractive so they try to control social interactions. I think that if you have the confidence you can turn conversations in your favor. It is really sad that people are basing things off of looks now. It should still be all about talent especially in the corporate field. America needs the right people to lead this country. I am not talking about the President either. The leading corporate business shouldn’t worry about their looks, but who will they benefit from.

The experiment where in video games people pick opposite sex characters was interesting. I think it is mostly accurate as well. When I played video games, granted I never played fighting games, I always picked the male character. I did this because I wanted to keep up with the boys. People stereotype females as weak and males as the dominant sex. It makes sense that females playing would want to beat their opponent and the only way to do that is to pick a strong male character. Also, the female characters are always dressed in just about nothing so that doesn’t help either. It is all about appearance for females. That is why so many females out there today are trying to change the stereotype. Females want to be smart, dominant, and confident in the business world. I think, as a female, we are well on our way.

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