The Real Issue Behind on Air Murders


America is in a high state of emergency as senseless killings continue to rise. The tragic murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward by former colleague Bryce Williams, as he was known on air, has captured the attention of us all. What appeared to be a well thought out plan by Williams, as he took the lives of Parker and Ward, serves as a sobering notice. That notice, plain and simple, is the subject of  race and discrimination. The perpetuating, vicious cycle continues to rear its ugly head.

Those in power who choose to ignore the race issues this country has never resolved, unfortunately, will continue to see murders at an alarming rate. Not condoning the actions of Williams, just stating a fact that most Americans refuse to acknowledge. It is the underlining message of hate that fuels the tragedies we see today, be it black or white. The twenty-three-page suicide note left by Bryce Williams, indicating the reason for his actions, states: “They were due in part because of the murders of churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina and intolerance for homosexuality.” This gives a glimpse of the future. In that future, rebellious acts of violence will perpetuate as long as racism and discrimination remain in America.

As we move forward, I reflect on our past that has become the present. It is frightening to think that the horrors from long ago will resurface, unless we can learn from the tumultuous lineage of America. This country has to see beyond differences such as, sexual preference, or the color of another’s skin.

Finally, I leave you with the words of Frederick Douglass. “The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.”

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